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logo whiteYe Old Barber is a gathering place that also happens to offer haircuts. We love the Ferndale community and are proud to have created a place for men, women and families to come and enjoy the whole hair-cutting experience.

7/6/2020 Covid-19 Update

Now Open!

We are excited to see you! We will be following these new recommendations to make sure your visit is safe for everyone. 


How to enter the barbershop:

• When you arrive, pick up a time tab at the door. Please do not enter the shop until we call for you. You may wait in your car or leave to run errands, but please be back at 5 minutes before your selected time.

• At 5 minutes before your tag time, one of us will come and invite you inside. 

• If there are no time tags at the door, then there are no openings available.


New government requirements for clients: 

Client must self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving at the service provider location.

• Clients should not plan on bringing other guests with them, unless they are bringing children younger than 16.

• Clients should arrive at the location 5 minutes early and wait for instructions to enter.

• Clients should put on a facemask prior to leaving the vehicle, and they should be prepared to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds prior to starting their service.

• The service provider will wear a clean cape or gown, as well as providing each client with a clean cape or gown. They must be laundered or be disposable and thrown away after a single use.

• Payments for service should be through credit or debit cards or a touchless system to reduce the handling of cash.

New requirements for walk-ins: The employer-owner must post a notice on the front door or window regarding access to the facility. The notice should include the phone number that the guest should call to determine availability of services. If service is available at the time, the walk-up guest will need to answer questions regarding COVID-19 exposure and current health, and put on a mask before entering the location.

If you have any questions, please call us at 360-389-6195.

Men Haircuts

mens haircuts

Whether you are looking for the same haircut you've gotten for 50 years, or you want the latest haircut you saw on Instagram, our 20+ years of experience will deliver your desired end result.

Kids Haircuts

kids haircuts

Ken takes great pride in providing an enjoyable experience for both the kids and their parents. 

Our Team

Ken and Linda Craver founded Ye Old Barber in 2016 and are salon and barber experts who have been in the hair-cutting business since the 90's.

Rudy has been with Ye Old Barber 2018. Originally from California, he has embraced the Ferndale community and its lifestyle and loves what he does.

Courtney brought a whole new set of skills to the barbershop — colors, full salon quality cuts and more — when she joined the team.

our team2

Compliments from our Great Customers

"I went to this barber shop about a week ago as a walk in. I usually let my wife cut my hair but her hands don’t work so well anymore. So, had Ken cut my hair and he did an excellent job way above what I expected with his service, friendliness and made me feel like getting a haircut here was what I used to get decades ago back in the 50’s. Ken’s a real class act as far as his professionalism, courtesy, cleanliness and skill. Will for sure go back about once a month as a steady customer and recommend this shop."


We are Here to Serve You!

 Walk-ins welcome. No need for an appointment.

Our hours are 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday.



Give us a call at 360-389-6195.

You can also email us at YeOldBarber (at) gmail.com.


Thanks for checking us out!